3 inspiring women on the networks

Podcasts, Youtube channels or Instagram accounts, social networks are full of more and more influencers from the artistic world. We have selected 3 of our favorite accounts and they are 3 women with very different worlds. They share theirs insights about the art world, their favorites and the current events not to be missed. Let's meet these inspiring women who are shaking up the art world in their own way.


Art historian Marie-Odile shares with humor and singularity the keys to understanding art and its market better. In her words, "art is not a snobbish trick, it is up to everyone to be interested in it" and it is with brio that she succeeds in creating envy and sensitizing all the curious and art lovers.

An activist at heart, she breaks the codes to offer an unfiltered rereading of art history so that it is more representative and above all, more inclusive. She also participated in the #5womenartists campaign to highlight women, dramatically underrepresented and undervalued in museums, galleries and auction houses.

Her instagram account @imagine_moi, which has already attracted more than 12K subscribers, is oriented towards her artistic favorites, new acquisitions and cultural outings. With a real closeness and a quirky tone, she addresses the greatest number and initiates all artistic currents as with her AdventArtCalendar with a new artist every day or her ArtyReview, great analysis of contemporary artists.

Her ArtBreak podcast raises several themes related to the art market such as sexism, money and even the virtual. She gives us a straightforward observation - and that feels good - about progress and what remains to be improved on all these topics.

A really smart (and bilingual) fresh content that will allow you, among other things, to finally be able to quote more than 5 women artists who have marked the history of art (go ahead, try!). Listen without waiting to her latest podcast to know the best tips of the year 2021 which we are lucky to be part of.