6 Art books to add to your library

How about taking the time to take a break from everyday anxiety-provoking information? Culture comes to you with this selection of 6 new publications to find at Le Grand Jeu and their e-shop.

Le Grand Jeu is a team with a true passion for street cultures and contemporary art. In addition of curating exhibitions and art projects, Le Grand Jeu produces books and source information, especially the ones that are impossible to find elsewhere. The Grand Jeu bookstore dedicated to street culture and located in Paris awaits you!


In Case of Lost Childhood by Leon Keer, the Dutch street artist who conquered the world, explains his working method and allows you a glimpse into his creative mind.

With a unique 3D cover Leon Keer is the master of optical illusion. The 'Dutch JR' plays with perspectives and creates a whole new world. One in which Snow White is stuck under a door. Or a world in which you unexpectedly enter a seventies living room. This is his first monograph. He allows the reader an exclusive look into his world and imagination. How does he work? And how does a wild idea develop into a gigantic 3D artwork?

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The most in-depth and comprehensive survey of the life and career of one of the pioneering artists of the original graffiti generation.

Collected here, among never-before-published reproductions of earlier paintings and drawings, is an archive of personal photography and ephemera that reveals how integral Futura has been to the evolution of street art and culture. Guided through more than forty years of work, and with interviews with key players in Futura's career, this is at once a definitive monograph of a legend of contemporary art and an indispensable chapter in the history of graffiti.

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