7 benefits of buying art online

In just a few years, new technologies have profoundly changed our consumption habits. And art has not escaped this revolution. Indeed, according to the latest report from Hiscox, the purchase of art online has experienced a sharp increase for several years.

The recent periods of confinement have also changed the habits of collectors. This new way of buying art offers many opportunities that prove to be complementary with traditional ways of buying. Discover in this guide all the advantages of buying works of art online:

#1 Transparency for a controlled budget

While it is sometimes difficult to access the price of an artwork in a gallery or at a fair, buying online has the advantage of displaying prices in complete transparency. Most online galleries offer searches based on a price range. So you can browse among artworks that exactly match your budget. In addition, freed from their infrastructure, marketplaces can offer more competitive prices and therefore more affordable.

#2 The psychological barrier is broken

Daring to push open the doors of a gallery or even negotiate the price of an artwork can be real obstacles for potential buyers. Buying online is therefore a comfortable and non-threatening way for some to acquire art. You can enrich your collection from home and not in the - sometimes - intimidating setting of a gallery or auction house. For those who would not be comfortable with the idea of ​​negotiating, know that most platforms allow you to make an offer or negotiate for you au meilleur prix the chosen artwork.

#3 The geographic barrier is gone

While you can't consider visiting all the galleries around the world, especially at this time, not everyone lives near galleries to their liking. The works of artists also travel a lot. In addition, galleries cannot exhibit all of their artworks at once. It is therefore difficult to physically have the right timing ... With online shopping, you save time and it is art that enters your home.

#4 A big choice

From your computer, you have access to thousands of works of art. At your own pace, you can do research according to emerging or recognized artists, technique or medium in order to choose the perfect artwork. In addition, thanks to the infinite space offered by virtuality, marketplaces are able to offer a continual renewal of their works.

#5 Discover new artists

All good artists are not necessarily represented by a gallery. Moreover, more and more artists are choosing to bet on Instagram to make themselves known. They secure a strong audience thanks to a growing community. The purchase of art always begins with a research. Online, this process is then simplified and allows to discover new talented artists hitherto unknown.

#6 A new customer experience