Guido Romero Pierini, galerist & collector

Portrait of Guido Romero Pierini in front of the works of Lou Ros from the "SDP" series, after views of the Salins des Pesquiers in Hyères, Courtesy Clément Sauvoy

Your first memory related to art?

The outdoor exhibition of monumental sculptures by Botero in 1992 from the Concorde to the roundabout of Champs-Elysées, I was 12 years old. My summers in Florence, a museum city where even the stones are precious!

Your first acquisition?

A painting by Japanese painter Kenichi Hoshine, circa 2013.

Your last acquisition?

The last piece in my collection is a painting by Lou Ros that he recently gave me.

The masterpiece that you would like to have in your collection?

A painting from the series tribute to Monet's Water Lilies by Alex Katz.

Lou Ros, Close up fou, Acrylic, oil and pastel on canvas 81x100 cm, 2020

Alex Katz, Homage to Monet 5, Oil on canvas, 182,9 x 365,8 cm, 2009 © Alex Katz, 2019. Photo: Paul Takeuchi, Adagp, Paris, 2019

Why did you choose the profession of gallery owner?

The profession of gallery owner came naturally to me following the network woven by the writing platform Boom! Bang! that I launched in 2011 with my friends Clare-Mary Puyfoulhoux and Jérôme Levy.

Did you have any influences that carried you?

My meeting with Suzanne Tarasieve in 2015 and the resulting curation at her place at Loft19.

What was your first exhibition?

My first exhibition was a group show with among others Lou Ros and Pascal Vilcollet, two artists with whom I still work today. It was in 2013 in an associative place in Paris.