The woman behind ArtemCollectio


Your first souvenir about art?

Art is something I shared with my father, he was a collector and an artist later in life. We shared our ease with numbers, and our love of art. He fostered my drive, instilled in me the importance of art & and inspires all of my contributions to the arts.

The masterpiece you would like to have in your collection?

Rather than have a single masterpiece, I’d like to curate an extraordinary collection that will transcend a singular work.


Your first acquisition?

My first true acquisition was an artwork by Christopher Wool.

Your last acquisition?

An original artwork on canvas by Kehinde Wiley.

Is there a common thread that unites the artworks of your collection?

There is, and I’ll share that once I feel my collection is ready to go on public view. And once I’ve shown the entirety of it, that common thread will become apparent. I think that every great collection has an underlying criteria or thread that unites & brings the collection together.

Kehinde Wiley

Portrait of M'Baye Babacar N'Diaye Sarr and Sar